While considering the word “feminism,” I began wondering what the male counterpart would be and thought of “masculinism.” Throughout our class discussions we have emphasized the fact that anyone can be considered a feminist; therefore, I thought it would be interesting to investigate the plight for economic, social, and political equality from a “masculinist” point of view. 

Despite popular belief, men have also been oppressed and denied fundamental rights throughout history. Kimmel, in his Masculinity as Homophobia, explores the idea that masculinity, and all connotations associated with the word, is a socially constructed concept that has dictated the actions of men for many years. Certain expectations accompany being a male. According to such stereotypes, increased masculinity is synonymous with superiority. Apparently, men should be independent, derogatory towards women, and successful businessmen. I remember in middle school when one of my friends was mocked because he enjoyed a seemingly feminine TV show. Although it was done in a joking manner, the teasing was still based on very real socially imposed stereotypes. 


Because it would have been seen as un-masculine to complain about being the stereotypical working male during the 1960s, we have no insight into how men of the time were actually thinking. We would have no idea if Bob from Brooklyn was content being the breadwinner for his family. His goal in life could have been to stay at home with is children. However, due to the socially acceptable ways during this time, Bob was confined to this way of life. It would have been unheard of that men of this time could possibly be upset with their lives, just like the women described in Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, due to the vast opportunities they were presented with.

Throughout history, men have been discriminated against when it comes to particular rights, some of which include:
    ·  Discrimination when appealing for child custody
    ·  Longer prison sentences than women for committing the same crime
    ·  Absence of paternal leave in some countries
    ·  Improperly enforced laws criminalizing the rape of men

I am not trying to say either women or men have it better than the other; I am simply portraying the idea that both males and females have struggled throughout history and that both lack equality with regards to the other in various aspects of their lives.

I’ve said my peace. A(wo)men.

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