“You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores.”  So, do you recognize this quote? I would guess most of you do; Mean Girls anyone?  Regardless of its not so serious origin, Tina Fey may have actually been onto something when she said this line in the notorious comedy. 

            We often throw around these terms without thinking or considering the weight behind them.  The inspiration for this blog came while reading Oppression for homework, when a particular paragraph caught my eye.  Marilyn Frye speaks of the fine line that women must tip toe on to avoid either being too prude or just outright slutty. 

            It’s interesting to examine the effects these words can have whether coming from a male or female.  These derogatory terms have become so desensitized that it is basically unsurprising to hear them. 

            Used by a girl:

        ·     A joking, teasing term used between friends

        ·   OR a jealous, spiteful way to isolate another girl

            Used by a guy:

        ·   To brag to his buddies, sound “cool”

        ·   To unfairly label and belittle females

            Regardless, to be considered “easy” is not a desirable trait, no matter what it’s source.

            For fear of being labeled these things, girls often have to make very difficult decisions and must be much more careful about what is appropriate at each stage in a relationship.   I truly do believe that in most aspects of American society today, women have achieved equality, but this is a double standard that I do not predict disappearing any time soon.

            Unfair as it is, there’s basically nothing we can do about it.  Perhaps just think twice before calling that girl a whore, even if she did hook up with your ex-boyfriend. 

            By Sara Bower

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