The vast majority of parents just want what is best for their kids. So how does one go from here to here?

Just add:

          -fake skinNot every child is beautiful

         -fake teethYou just can’t see her teeth because they’re so tiny

         -fake bodyit’s just normal

        -pixie sticksShe is so silly today for some reason

So clearly, these people are some fucking champs who all really need to be procreating. To the woman who said that “not every child is beautiful”, that is certainly your prerogative. It is also my prerogative to throw a brick at you.

I’m just curious about the level of education of the woman who gave her daughter fake teeth, because apparently human development is not her forte. Babies are very small. They start as one cell and have nine months to turn into a functional human being. So yes, your daughter does have small teeth because she is a CHILD.

I think the fake padding is a great way to give a kid some serious psychological issues. Nice work.

My favorite mother, the one who gave her kid 14 pixie sticks and didn’t understand why the girl couldn’t stay still, I thank you. Why? Because you are the type of person who gets me up in the morning in my fight against stupidity and ignorance. You are the type of person I hope to change, not your daughter. You are the problem.

                                  On a lighter note, enjoy some Tom Hanks: