The ferocity with which friends and foes fight over feminism is frightful.  Facilitators foster talks to battle fallacy and forge paths of fervent fondness towards the female sex, and yet to be “feminist” feels forbidden.  Firmly believing that feminism is firstly forceful and ferocious is simply false.  Females, non-females, foster-fathers, first cousins, family financiers, friends, firemen, fisherwomen, football fullbacks, according to Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards, should not fear the feminist within.  

       Feminism:  the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.

By this definition, followers of female equality should be free to fasten “feminism” to their identities as they see fit.  And yet, from fear and societal forces, feminists, me included, find it formidable to accept feminism forthrightly.  Instead, we fashion fancy definitions to fit our phobia, filled with qualifiers to furnish the phrase in fleeting hopes to flatter a word so frequently forbidden.   Baumgardner and Richards foresee women forgetting their flamboyant and failing forespeaking and instead forge a way of feminist acceptance.  I for one fickly foster a frustrating friendship with the word “feminist”. Though I am fixated on the fundamental freedoms of all females, I fluctuate between feminist and follower, finding flaw with qualifiers but forced to focus on the foul reputation of “feminist”.  It is foolish to flatter those unfair notions, but this stereotype finds following with the frail and friendly, since the notions are based on fundamentals of second wave feminism.

                Despite my flaky feelings, I am faithful to my feminist family.  While the term “feminist” may not flatter in the present, the future must focus on functionality.  The force, the power, is not in the word “feminist” itself, but the fabulous leaders finding equality for females.  If feminists, those who believe in social equality of the sexes, forever foil foolish fights of fixated foes, they can create filial forces and find equality and freedom.  Fulfilling the dreams of the movements’ mothers and fathers through functional equality, the movement that has no name will fill the foreground.  Finally, the faction of feminists will fail to falter; felicitously featuring “feminism” as first name to a fruitful frame of mind, one which will further fix former failures and “feminism” ,the word ,will no longer fall to farce.

Feminism is the F word?  Fuck that.